1953 Dime Value

1953 Dime Value

The value of a 1953 Roosevelt Dime depends on a number of factors, including its condition, rarity, and demand among collectors. In general, Roosevelt Dimes from the 1950s are considered common and are not particularly valuable, unless they are in excellent condition or have a rare error. Continue reading if you want to know How much is a 1953 dime worth.

Dime TypeCondition/GradeEstimated Value
1953 Silver Dime (No Mint Mark)Extremely Fine$3.00
1953 Silver Dime (No Mint Mark)MS 63$6.00
1953 Silver Dime (No Mint Mark)MS 65$8.00
1953 Silver Dime (No Mint Mark)PR 65 (Proof)$40.00
1953 D Silver DimeExtremely Fine$2.00
1953 D Silver DimeMS 63$7.00
1953 D Silver DimeMS 65$10.00
1953 Proof Silver DimePR 65$40.00
1953 Dime Values Chart
1953 silver dime obverse
1953 Silver Dime reverse

1953 Dime Coin Specification

  • Type: Roosevelt Dime
  • Country: United States
  • Year: 1963
  • Face Value: 0.1 USD
  • Silver Weight: .07234 oz.
  • Metal Composition: 90% Silver – 10% Copper

The 1953 Silver Dime is a coin that not only carries historical weight but also serves as a testament to American craftsmanship. On its obverse, you’ll find a dignified profile of President Roosevelt, framed by the inscriptions “1953 – LIBERTY – IN GOD WE TRUST.” Flip it over, and the reverse showcases a trio of symbolic elements: a torch representing liberty, an olive branch signifying peace, and an oak branch symbolizing strength. These elements are encircled by the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – E PLURIBUS UNUM – ONE DIME.” Crafted from a copper-silver alloy, this coin weighs in at 2.5 grams and measures 17.9 mm in diameter.

But let’s take a step back in time. The Roosevelt Dime made its debut in 1946, right after the passing of President Roosevelt. It succeeded the iconic Mercury Dime, a coin that had its own share of fascinating Mercury Dime errors and key dates. Since its introduction, the Roosevelt Dime has been minted annually, undergoing subtle design tweaks along the way.

Now, let’s talk mintage. The 1953 Silver Dime comes in three distinct flavors:

  • 1953 Silver Dime (No Mint Mark): Struck at the Philadelphia mint, this version had a production run of 53,490,120 coins.
  • 1953 D Silver Dime: Minted in Denver, this dime saw a much larger production, totaling 136,433,000.
  • 1953 Proof Silver Dime: A collector’s dream, this proof version was also minted in Philadelphia but in a limited quantity of just 128,800.

And here’s a pro tip: You can find the mint mark for the 1953 Dime on its reverse side, a small but crucial detail for any serious collector.

How much is a 1953 dime worth?

1953 Silver Dime (No Mint Mark) Value

The 1953 Silver Dime with no mint mark value is a fascinating topic for collectors and investors alike. This dime holds a value of around $3.00 in extremely fine condition. If you have one in an uncirculated MS 63 grade, its worth jumps to about $6.00. For those rare MS 65 graded coins, you could be looking at a value of $8.00. And if you’re in possession of a proof coin in PR 65 condition, it’s worth a remarkable $40.00. With only 128,800 proof coins minted, they’re a treasure worth seeking.

1953 D Silver Dime Value

The 1953 D Silver Dime value is something every coin enthusiast should know. In extremely fine condition, it’s worth around $2.00. If you’ve managed to keep one in an uncirculated MS 63 condition, its value could be as high as $7.00. For those who have an MS 65 grade coin, you’re looking at a value of around $10.00. With a total of 136,433,000 dimes minted at the Denver mint in 1953, this coin is more than just pocket change; it’s a piece of history.

1953 Proof Silver Dime Value

The 1953 Proof Silver Dime value is a subject of great interest among collectors. In PR 65 condition, it’s worth around $40.00. With only 128,800 proof dimes minted in 1953, owning one is like holding a piece of rare art. These coins were specially made for collectors and are not intended for circulation, making them a valuable addition to any collection.

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