1955 Canadian Penny obverse

1955 Canadian Penny Value (Valuable Coin)

Pursuing hidden treasures is a thrilling endeavor, and they are often hidden in the most unexpected places. The value locked within seemingly mundane items can be astonishing. Welcome to a deep dive into one such extraordinary artifact, the 1955 Canadian Penny Value. The stories these age-old coins can tell and their potential worth is enough to spark the curiosity of both experienced collectors and novices alike. Is there a 1955 penny sitting unnoticed in your change jar right now? If so, it could be more valuable than you ever imagined! To learn more about such hidden gems, don’t miss our detailed guide on valuable Canadian pennies. This journey promises to be fascinating, informative, and might even lead you to uncover your pocket treasure. Let’s unravel the rich tapestry of history and value that surrounds the iconic 1955 Canadian penny.

1955 Canadian Penny obverse
VarietyCirculated (F-12)Circulated (AU-50)Uncirculated (MS-60)Uncirculated (MS-66)Uncirculated (MS-67)PL-64PL-67
1955 – SF$0.04 CAD$0.25 CAD$0.65 CAD$315 CAD$1,250 CAD$34.30 CAD$157 CAD
1955 – SF – Hanging 5N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
1955 – NSF$137 CAD$490 CAD$784 CADN/AN/AN/A$2,450 CAD
1955 Canadian Penny Values Chart

1955 Canadian Penny Coin Specification

  • Type: Canadian Penny
  • Country: Canada
  • Year: 1955
  • Face Value: 1 Cent (Canadian)
  • Metal Composition: 98% Copper – 1.5% Zinc – .5% Tin

Canadian coins, with their intricate designs and historical connotations, hold a charm of their own. The 1955 1 cent coin, commonly referred to as the Canadian penny, is no exception. This year’s penny offers an engaging history, having been minted during a period of great change in the Canadian coinage system. The design of the 1955 penny features the iconic portrait of young Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the classic Canadian Maple Leaf on the reverse.

Key Varieties of the 1955 Canadian Penny: SF and NSF

The value of the 1955 Canadian penny can significantly be impacted by its specific variety. Two main varieties are of interest – the Small Date (SF) and the No Shoulder Fold (NSF). Each variety has its unique characteristics and, depending on these, the price of the coin can vary. We will explore these varieties, helping you identify your coin type and estimate its value accordingly.

Errors and Varieties: The Hanging 5 and Die Clashes

Coins with errors and unique varieties often pique the interest of collectors, and the 1955 Canadian penny is renowned for the “Hanging 5” variety. This coin flaw, along with the occurrence of die clashes, can add a fascinating aspect to the coin, making it a more desirable piece for your collection. We’ll delve into these aspects, aiding you in identifying such variations and understanding their potential effect on your coin’s value.

The Value of the 1955 Canadian Penny: A Detailed Price Guide

Deciphering the worth of vintage coins like the 1955 Canadian penny involves considering a variety of factors. The coin’s specific variety, its condition, and its rarity can all significantly impact its value. Let’s delve deeper into each variety of the 1955 Canadian penny and shed light on their respective values.

1. 1955 Small Date (SF) Penny Value

The 1955 SF penny is a common variety of this Canadian coin. It’s recognized by the small date digits and the “SF” characteristic in the shoulder fold of the Queen’s gown in the design.

In circulated condition, a 1955 SF penny could fetch between $0.04 CAD in F-12 (Fine) condition to $0.25 CAD in AU-50 (Almost Uncirculated) condition. In uncirculated condition, the 1955 SF penny’s value escalates significantly. An MS-60 (Mint State) 1955 SF penny might sell for around $0.65 CAD, while a pristine MS-66 coin could potentially fetch as much as $315 CAD, and an MS-67 reaching a whopping $1,250 CAD. Proof-like 1955 SF pennies can garner values ranging from $34.30 CAD in PL-64 condition to $157 CAD in PL-67 condition.

2. 1955 Small Date (SF) Hanging 5 Penny Value

This unique variant, characterized by the “hanging 5” in the date, adds an intriguing facet to the collection of 1955 Canadian pennies. The exact value in circulated conditions is somewhat elusive due to its rarity. However, in uncirculated condition, an MS-64 1955 SF Hanging 5 penny can reach up to $86.60 CAD.

3. 1955 No Shoulder Fold (NSF) Penny Value

As the most valuable Canadian penny in the 1955 series, the 1955 NSF penny is known for its missing shoulder fold in the Queen’s gown on the coin’s obverse side.

The value of a circulated 1955 NSF penny can range from $137 CAD in VG-8 (Very Good) condition up to a remarkable $490 CAD in AU-50 condition. When we look at uncirculated NSF pennies, their values skyrocket. An MS-60 NSF penny might be worth around $784 CAD, escalating up to $6,600 CAD for an MS-64 coin. In proof-like condition, a PL-65 NSF penny can reach a stunning $2,450 CAD.

Understanding the value of your 1955 Canadian penny can be both an enriching journey into numismatics and a potentially rewarding financial venture. The worth of these coins only goes to show how valuable Canadian pennies can be, particularly for specific, rare variants.

Selling Your 1955 Canadian Penny

So, you’ve discovered the potential treasure within your 1955 Canadian penny and you’re now ready to unlock its value. The next step in your numismatic adventure is to navigate the vibrant world of coin trading. But where do you begin? The vast sea of opportunities, be it in bustling auction houses or within the sprawling digital marketplace, can be overwhelming. Fear not, as our comprehensive guide on how to sell your coin for cash is here to illuminate your path.


By unraveling the fascinating intricacies of the 1955 Canadian penny, you are now equipped with the knowledge of its historical context, its unique varieties, and the factors that contribute to its value. Your numismatic journey doesn’t have to end here. Continue exploring the enchanting world of Canadian coins, and who knows what other treasures you may discover?


What is a 1955 Canadian penny worth?

The value of a 1955 Canadian penny varies significantly depending on its condition and variety. In circulated condition, a 1955 Small Date (SD) penny can range from $0.04 CAD to $0.25 CAD, while a No Shoulder Fold (NSF) variant can range from $137 CAD to $490 CAD. In uncirculated condition, the value can skyrocket, with SD pennies going from $0.65 CAD to a whopping $1,250 CAD and NSF pennies from $784 CAD to $6,600 CAD.

What is a 1955 no shoulder fold Canadian penny?

A 1955 No Shoulder Fold (NSF) Canadian penny is a variant where the design does not show a fold of the queen’s gown over her shoulder on the obverse of the coin. This detail difference, combined with its rarity, gives the NSF penny a higher value compared to the more common Small Date (SD) variety.

Is a 1955 penny worth anything?

Absolutely, a 1955 Canadian penny can hold significant value, especially in good condition or if it’s a rare variant like the No Shoulder Fold (NSF) penny. In some cases, its value can go up to thousands of dollars, making it a potentially valuable asset in coin collections. Always consider having your coin appraised by a professional to ascertain its true worth.

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