1964 red penny value

1964 Red Penny Value

The 1964 red penny value is determined by a variety of factors, including rarity and condition. Continue reading if you’re interested to know what is a 1964 red penny value.

1964 red penny obverse
1964 red penny  reverse

Coin Specification

  • Type: Lincoln Memorial Penny
  • Country: United States
  • Year: 1964
  • Face Value: 1 Cent
  • Metal Composition: 95% Copper – 5% Tin, Zinc

The 1964 red penny coin’s obverse (Head) features a side view of President Lincoln with the inscription “1964 – LIBERTY – IN GOD WE TRUST “. The reverse (tail) features the Lincoln memorial building along with the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – E PLURIBUS UNO – ONE CENT.

The 1964 red penny can be found in different versions of mintage types:

  • 1964 penny, was struck at the Philadelphia mint with a total quantity of 2,648,575,000.
  • 1964 D penny, was struck at the Denver mint with a total quantity of 3,799,071,500.
  • 1964 SMS penny, special mint set with a total quantity of about 30. Very rare
  • 1964 proof penny, was struck at the Philadelphia mint with a total quantity of 3,950,762.

The mint mark for the 1964 penny is visible on the obverse side beneath the date. Similar to 1964 Proof pennies, 1964 SMS pennies have a satin finish and are not reflective (or mirror-like). Compared to a circulation strike, the overall strike and specifics on the 1964 SMS penny are substantially sharper. The rim of the 1964 SMS penny is one location where the excellent details stand out very strongly. The 1964 SMS penny’s rims have a more square form and resemble a 1964 proof penny. 

What is a 1964 red penny value?

The regular 1964 red Penny in a circulated condition is worth between 15 cents to 30 cents. However, the 1964 red Penny in uncirculated MS+ condition is worth between $1.5 to $4. The 1964 SMS penny is worth about $5,000 due to its rarity. 1964 red Penny with Error is worth between $50 to $600.

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