1965 Churchill Coin value

1965 Churchill Coin Value

Looking for a piece of history to add to your coin collection? The 1965 Churchill coin is a must-have for history buffs and coin collectors alike. Minted to honor the life and legacy of Winston Churchill, this coin was the first to feature a non-royal figure in over 60 years. With a design inspired by a statue created by Churchill’s favorite sculptor, the 1965 Churchill coin quickly became a popular collector’s item. But what is the value of this coin today? In this article, we’ll dive into the history and features of the 1965 Churchill coin, as well as its current value and rarity.

1965 Churchill crown Coin obverse
1965 Churchill Coin reverse

Coin Specification

  • Type: British Crown
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Year: 1965
  • Face Value: 0.25 British Pound 
  • Metal Composition: Cupronickel

The 1965 Churchill Coin: History and Notable Features

The 1965 Churchill Coin is a British commemorative coin minted in honor of Sir Winston Churchill, a British politician, statesman, and prime minister. The coin was issued in 1965, shortly after Churchill’s death, to celebrate his contributions to the nation.

The Obverse and Reverse Designs of the 1965 Churchill Coin

The obverse of the 1965 Churchill coin features a young laureate bust of HM Queen Elizabeth II, with the lettering ‘Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina F·D·’ designed by Mary Gillick. The reverse of the coin showcases a portrait of Churchill in a siren suit, inspired by the bronze statue created by his favorite sculptor, Oscar Nemon. This distinctive portrait remains a classic representation of the former Prime Minister. The coin’s obverse design is of particular significance as it was the same design used on all UK coins issued between 1953 and 1970. However, the 1965 Churchill coin is the first crown coin since the denomination was first minted in 1902 not to have its denomination printed on it. On the reverse, the coin bears the denomination ‘five shillings’ and the text ‘Churchill’ at the top.

Other Notable Features of the 1965 Churchill Coin

Despite its large size, the coin is not akin to a US silver dollar. It is made of a copper-nickel composition, giving it a unique color and finish. The 1965 Churchill coin is a special commemorative piece that reflects the importance and legacy of one of the most iconic leaders in British history.

What is a 1965 Churchill Coin Value?

The 1965 Churchill Coin is a popular collector’s item due to its history and significance. With over 19 million coins issued, the coin is a fairly common find, even in great condition. The original legal tender value of the Churchill crown coin was five shillings, which was later converted to 25 pence after decimalization in 1971.

In today’s market, the value of the 1965 Winston Churchill Crown coin varies depending on its condition and rarity. Circulated coins are generally worth their face value of 5 shillings or 25 pence in decimal currency. However, uncirculated or proof coins may be worth more to collectors. An uncirculated Churchill crown coin in perfect to the near-perfect condition can be bought for around £3 to £7 ($5 to $9).

It’s essential to note that the value of the Churchill coin is also determined by factors such as its provenance, rarity, and overall condition. The value can also vary depending on the demand from collectors, which can increase or decrease the price. As such, if you’re interested in buying or selling a 1965 Churchill coin, it’s crucial to do your research and work with reputable dealers who can provide an accurate valuation of the coin.

What was the 1965 Churchill coin made of?

The 1965 Churchill coin was made of a copper-nickel composition, not silver.

How much is a 1965 Queen Elizabeth coin worth?

The value of a 1965 Queen Elizabeth coin can vary depending on its condition and rarity. In circulated conditions, the coin is generally worth its face value of five pence. However, coins that are in uncirculated or proof condition may be worth more to collectors.

Is the 1965 Churchill coin silver?

No, the 1965 Churchill coin is not silver. It was made of a copper-nickel composition.

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