1968 Kennedy Half Dollar Value
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1968 Kennedy Half Dollar Value

Do you have a 1968 Kennedy Half Dollar tucked away in your change jar or safely nestled in your coin collection? If you do, you might be sitting on a piece of history that could potentially be worth more than just face value. Introduced after President John F. Kennedy’s tragic assassination, these coins are rich in American history and can also be a treasure trove for collectors and enthusiasts. The value of these half dollars can range dramatically, depending on a number of factors. Intrigued? Embrace the sense of urgency and join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the historical context, the distinguishing features, and, most importantly, the potential value of the 1968 Kennedy Half Dollar. Discover more about valuable Kennedy Half Dollars and unravel the mysteries that these coins might hold for you. The world of coin collecting awaits you with bated breath – let’s explore it together!

1968 Kennedy Half Dollar obverse
1968 Kennedy Half Dollar reverse

Coin Specification

  • Type: Kennedy Half Dollars
  • Country: United States
  • Year: 1968
  • Face Value: 0.50 USD
  • Silver Weight: .147893 oz.
  • Metal Composition: 40% Silver – 60% Copper

The 1968 Half Dollar coin’s obverse (Head) of the coin features the figure of John F. Kennedy and the inscriptions LIBERTY – IN GOD WE TRUST – 1968. The reverse (tail) side features a figure of an eagle and the inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – E PLURIBUS UNUM – HALF DOLLAR.

1968 Silver Half Dollar can be found in different versions of mintage types:

  • 1968 D Silver Half Dollar was struck at the Denver mint with a total quantity of 246,951,930.
  • 1968 S Proof Silver Half Dollar was struck at the San Francisco mint with a total quantity of 3,041,506.

Note: The mint mark for the 1968 Silver Dollar is visible on the obverse side above the date.

How much is a 1968 Half Dollar worth?

The 1968 Half Dollar has a total silver content of 40% silver. Therefore, it is worth at least its weight in silver. For example, based on a silver spot priced at $22 per ounce, the 1968 Silver Half Dollar in a circulated condition is worth between $3.5 to $5. On the other hand, the 1968 S Proof Half Dollar in uncirculated PR69 condition is worth about $30 and in PR68 is worth about $28.

The 1968 D Half Dollar in uncirculated MS66 condition is worth about $14 and in MS65 is worth about $12.

Good (G-4)$4.79$9.98
Very Good (VG-8)$4.79$9.98
Fine (F-12)$4.79$9.98
Very Fine (VF-20)$4.79$9.98
Extremely Fine (EF-40)$4.79$9.98
About Uncirculated (AU-50)$4.79$9.98
Uncirculated (MS-60)$5.76$10
Uncirculated (MS-65)$12$21

What makes a 1968 Kennedy half dollar rare?

The rarity of a 1968 Kennedy half dollar can be attributed to a few factors such as the coin’s condition, mint mark, and whether it’s a special mint strike (SMS) coin. High-grade, well-preserved coins, especially those with an ‘S’ mint mark or part of the SMS, tend to be more sought-after. Additionally, any error coins or die varieties from this year can increase its rarity.

How can you tell if a 1968 half dollar is silver?

The simplest way to determine if a 1968 half dollar is silver is by looking at its edge. A 1968 silver Kennedy half dollar will display a silver color throughout the edge, without any strip of copper, which is seen in clad coins. However, to get the most accurate result, specific gravity tests or professional grading services may be utilized.

Are all 1968 Kennedy half dollars 40% silver?

Yes, all 1968 Kennedy half dollars, regardless of their mint mark (P, D, or S), are composed of 40% silver. This was part of the U.S. Mint’s initiative to lower the cost of coin production by reducing the silver content from 90% to 40%.

How much silver is in a 1968 D half dollar?

A 1968 D (Denver Mint) Kennedy half dollar contains 40% silver, which equates to about 0.1479 troy ounces. Despite the reduction of silver content from previous 90% silver coins, these half dollars still hold value above their 50 cent denomination due to their silver content and potential numismatic value. The estimated value of a 1968-D Kennedy Half Dollar can range from $4.79 to $21 or more, depending on its condition.

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