2002 American Silver Eagle dollar value
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2002 Silver Dollar Value

Get ready to unearth a hidden gem in your coin collection—the 2002 Silver Dollar Value is more riveting than you might think! This isn’t just pocket change we’re talking about; this particular coin could be a treasure chest of financial potential. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just stumbled upon a 2002 Silver Dollar, understanding its value could be a game-changer for your investment portfolio. From circulated to uncirculated conditions, this coin’s worth can vary dramatically, making every discovery an exhilarating experience. Keep reading to unlock the financial magic behind this fascinating coin, and you might just find that you’re sitting on a mini treasure trove. Want to compare? Don’t miss our captivating piece on the 2005 Silver Dollar Value to get the full scope!

2002 American Silver Eagle Dollar obverse
2002 Silver Eagle Dollar reverse

2002 Silver Dollar Coin Specification

  • Type: American Silver Eagle
  • Country: United States
  • Year: 2002
  • Face Value: $1 USD
  • Weight: 1 troy oz
  • Metal Composition: 99.9% Silver

The 2002 American Silver Eagle Dollar coin is a silver bullion coin produced by the United States Mint. It is made of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver and has a face value of $1. The coin’s obverse (Head) features the Lady Liberty with the rising sun behind her along with the inscription 2002 – LIBERTY – In God We Trust. The reverse (tail) features an eagle, a shield, and 13 stars along with the inscription United States of America – 1 OZ Fine Silver – One Dollar.

The American Silver Eagle Dollar coin is a popular choice among collectors and investors due to its purity and government-backed guarantee of weight and metal content. It has been minted every year since 1986 and is a widely recognized and highly respected coin around the world.

2002 Silver Eagle Dollar comes in a variety of mintage types:

  • 2002 Silver Dollar without a mint mark, was struck at the West Point mint with a total quantity of 10,539,026.
  • 2002 W Proof Silver Dollar, was struck at the West Point mint with a total quantity of 647,342.

The mint mark for the 2002 Proof Silver Eagles is visible on the reverse, beneath the Eagle’s right talon. Proof 2002 American Silver Eagle Dollar coins are special versions of the American Silver Eagle Dollar coin that were produced by the United States Mint specifically for collectors. They are made using a special minting process that results in a coin with a mirror-like finish and a high level of detail. Each Proof Silver Eagle coin is initially packaged in a box from the US Mint along with a certificate of authenticity.

How much is a 2002 Silver Dollar Worth?

In circulated condition, the 2002 silver eagle dollar usually falls within the $24 to $31 range due to its high silver content. If you have an uncirculated 2002 Silver Dollar in MS70 condition, you’re looking at a substantially higher value of around $287.

A 2002 W Proof silver eagle, in PR69 condition, is worth about $93, while in PR70 condition, it could fetch up to $150. Despite being one of the more common dates in the series, finding a 2002 Silver Eagle in pristine MS70 condition is quite rare, making it a coveted item among collectors.

The 2002 Silver Eagle is one of the more common dates in the series. Most examples appear to be in about MS67-MS68 condition.

The value of the coin may be higher or lower depending on its condition and rarity. If the coin is in excellent condition and has a low mintage or is otherwise rare, it may be worth more to collectors. On the other hand, if the coin is heavily worn or damaged, it may be worth less.

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