2003 Silver Eagle Dollar worth
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2003 Silver Dollar Worth

The 2003 Silver Eagle Dollar is worth far more than its face value, due to its numismatic value and silver bullion content. Continue reading if you want to know how much is a 2003 silver dollar worth.

2003 Silver Eagle Dollar obverse
2003 Silver Eagle Dollar reverse

Coin Specification

  • Type: Silver American Eagle
  • Country: United States
  • Year: 2003
  • Face Value: $1 USD
  • Weight: 1 troy oz
  • Metal Composition: 99.9% Silver

The American Mint creates bullion coins called American Silver Eagles. The coin’s obverse (Head) features the Lady Liberty with the rising sun behind her along with the inscription 2003 – LIBERTY – In God We Trust. The reverse (tail) features an eagle, a shield, and 13 stars along with the inscription United States of America – 1 OZ Fine Silver – One Dollar.

2003 Silver Eagle Dollar comes in a variety of mintage types:

  • 2003 Silver Dollar without a mint mark, was struck at the West Point mint with a total quantity of 8,495,008.
  • 2003 W Proof Silver Dollar, was struck at the West Point mint with a total quantity of 747,831.

The mint mark for the 2003 Proof Silver Eagles is visible on the reverse, beneath the Eagle’s right talon. Proof Silver Eagles have additional detail and reflective (mirror-like) surfaces since they are minted on unique planchets. Each Proof Silver Eagle coin is initially packaged in a box from the US Mint along with a certificate of authenticity.

How much is a 2003 Silver Dollar Worth?

There is one ounce of pure silver (.999) in each 2003 Silver Eagle dollar coin. Because of its high silver content, the 2003 silver eagle dollar in circulated condition typically is worth between $22 to $25 based on a silver spot price of $22 per ounce. However, the 2003 silver dollar in uncirculated MS70 condition is worth about $195.

The 2003 W Proof silver eagle dollar in PR70 condition is worth about $120 and in PR69 condition is worth about $95.

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