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12 Most Valuable Modern Quarters

Step into the world of numismatics and let’s take a fascinating journey back in time. Picture this: each quarter in your pocket is not just a mere piece of change, but a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. You might be walking around with valuable quarters that are worth far more than their face value, possibly thousands of dollars! It’s high time we uncover the thrilling mystery behind these ordinary-looking coins. If you’ve ever asked yourself about the value of coins, you’re in the right place. We’re about to dive deep into the world of the twelve most expensive Washington quarters ever sold. Trust us, by the end of this article, you’ll be checking every quarter that passes through your hands, and the urgency to find that precious rarity will be irresistible! Get ready to be swept away by the captivating allure of coin collecting.

QuarterConditionHighest Price
1. 1964-D Washington QuarterMS68$38,400
2. 1932-S Washington QuarterMS66$38,400
3. 1932-D Washington QuarterMS66$143,750,
4. 1950-D Washington Quarter: D Over SMS67$29,000
5. 1937 Washington Quarter: Doubled Die ObverseMS66$21,000
6. 1941-D Washington QuarterMS68$20,700
7. 1943-S Washington QuarterMS68$23,000
8. 1976-S Washington QuarterMS69$19,000
9. 1943 Washington Quarter: Doubled Die ObverseMS67$22,250
10. 1949-D Washington QuarterMS68$43,475
11. 1959 Washington QuarterMS67$17,000
12. 1971-D Washington QuarterMS68$4,560
Valuable Modern Quarters Chart

The Most Valuable Modern Quarters

1. 1964-D Washington Quarter MS68 – $38,400

1964 D Washington Quarter obverse
1964 D Washington Quarter reverse

Known as the finest specimen of its kind, the 1964-D Washington Quarter in mint state (MS68) sold for $38,400 in 2021. With its grade signifying only the smallest imperfections, this Denver-minted quarter is a rare find due to its high-quality despite generally poor production or handling of the series. The PCGS population report shows that only one coin has been graded MS68, and none higher.

2. 1932-S Washington Quarter – $38,400

1932 D Washington Quarter

The 1932-S Washington Quarter, minted in San Francisco, has the lowest mintage of all Washington quarters at 408,000 – a figure comparable to the rare 1916 Standing Liberty quarter. Regardless of grade, its rarity makes it a highly sought-after coin by collectors, with one in uncirculated MS66 condition sold for $38,400 in an auction.

3. 1932-D Washington Quarter MS66- $143,750,

This coin has the second-lowest mintage of all Washington quarters and has fetched incredible prices due to its rarity, especially in high grades. It is widely known as the scarcer of the two first-year keys, particularly in high grades, with only two others ranking as the finest known. This coin exhibits delicate, largely flawless satin surfaces with original luster residing beneath a thin veil of pale pastel toning. The design elements are boldly rendered, and the overall eye appeal is excellent. The 1932-D is the biggest key date in the entire Washington quarter series and is well-deserving of the title: “King of the Washington Quarters.” This magnificent coin in 2008 was sold at an auction for a staggering $143,750, a record price for any Washington quarter.

The 1932-D Washington quarter was struck at a time when there was little demand for coinage in the stagnant national economy due to the Great Depression. The Denver and San Francisco facilities struck only token mintages of 436,800 and 408,000 pieces, respectively. Most of the 1932-D Washington quarters were released into circulation on August 1, and the majority of the coins circulated heavily until the 1950s. Today, the 1932-D is scarce, but not really rare, in lower Mint State grades, but the issue is the prime condition rarity of the series in Gem, or better, condition. It is even rarer than the lower mintage 1932-S at that grade level.

4. 1950-D Washington Quarter: D Over S MS67 – $29,000

1950 quarter
1950 Quarter Reverse

This 1950-D Washington Quarter coin has a mintmark error, where a ‘D’ mintmark (for Denver) was struck over an ‘S’ (for San Francisco), making it an interesting and highly valuable variant. The rarity and desirability of this major mintmark error enhance the quarter’s value, with one example in MS67 condition selling for over $29,000.

5. 1937 Washington Quarter: Doubled Die Obverse – $21,000

The 1937 Washington Quarter features a major doubled die error on its obverse side, with the date, motto, and other elements noticeably doubled due to the die being hubbed twice with a slight rotation. This particular error is very scarce, desirable, and among the most valuable modern quarters, selling for over $21,000 in MS66 uncirculated condition.

6. 1941-D Washington Quarter – $20,700

With a mintage of 16,714,800, the 1941-D Washington Quarter is known for its poor production quality, leading to many weakly struck coins or those with surface problems. Finding a coin with sharp details and clean fields is very challenging, making uncirculated examples of this coin scarce and worth over $20,000 in MS68.

7. 1943-S Washington Quarter MS68 – $23,000

1943 Quarter value
1944 silver quarter reverse

In 1943, the San Francisco Mint struck 21,700,000 quarters. However, many of these coins suffered from weak striking or surface problems. Consequently, a 1943-S Washington Quarter in high grades is quite scarce. Coins with sharp details and clean fields are highly sought after by collectors, with some specimens fetching over $20,000.

A coin graded as MS68 was sold for $23,000 in The April 2008 Chicago Rarities Sale, indicating that premium collectors are willing to pay for such high-grade examples. Additionally, another coin of the same grade fetched $20,400 in a 2019 HA auction. According to the PCGS reports, only one coin has been graded as MS67+, with none graded higher. Despite the high mintage, these figures underline the rarity of 1943-S Washington Quarters in top grades.

8. 1976-S Washington Quarter MS69 – $19,000

This 1976-S Washington Quarter quarter, minted in San Francisco, is a special silver proof bicentennial issue and part of a set commemorating the 200th anniversary of the United States. Its unique design featuring a colonial drummer instead of the typical eagle makes it a high-demand coin. Despite a relatively high mintage of 4,908,319, it’s valuable due to its scarcity in perfect condition. The PCGS population report shows that only one coin has been graded PR70DCAM, and none higher. One coin was sold for over $19,000 in MS69 uncirculated condition.

9. 1943 Washington Quarter: Doubled Die Obverse MS67 – $22,250

The 1943 Doubled Die Obverse Washington Quarter is recognized as the scarcest major doubled die in the entire Washington quarter dollar series. This variety is so rare that over the past twenty years, PCGS has only graded around two dozen examples. The doubling is easily visible on the motto “In God We Trust” and also on the word “Liberty.”

This particular scarcity, along with the distinct doubling, makes this coin a coveted piece among collectors. Even in lower grades, these coins fetch hundreds of dollars. Circulated examples only surface for auction every couple of years, making any grade a challenge to find.

Mint State coins are even rarer to come by at auction and typically command very strong premiums when they do. A testament to this rarity and value is a coin in MS67 condition, which was sold for $22,250 in an internet auction.

According to PCGS data, only three examples of this notably strong variety have been graded in MS67 condition, none of which had previously sold in public auction, making this piece the first to ever enter the marketplace. The PCGS population data is a strong indicator of this coin’s scarcity, underlining its rarity and the high prices it can reach.

10. 1949-D Washington Quarter MS68 – $43,475

The 1949-D Washington Quarter, minted in Denver, is highly sought after by collectors, particularly those in high-grade condition, making it one of the more valuable modern quarters. The coin is known for being difficult to find in higher grades, with uncirculated examples selling for over $17,000.

This extraordinary quarter, with a PCGS population of 3, NGC 3, and CAC 3, was last sold at the Legend Rare Coin Auctions, in The Regency Auction 33, for $43,475 in June 2019. Prior to this, another specimen brought $17,038 in the 2013 FUN auction and $17,256 in April 2010. The PCGS Price Guide currently lists the value of this coin at $22,500.

This is a coin worthy of the finest set of Washington quarters and would unquestionably draw a strong bid. Its sale has set a benchmark for other 1949-D quarters and underlines the increasing value of high-grade, aesthetically pleasing examples in this series.

11. 1959 Washington Quarter MS67 – $17,000

The 1959 Washington Quarter is valuable mainly due to its scarcity in high grades. Despite a large mintage, high-quality examples are rare and, if in mint condition, can command a price tag of over $17,000. A superb example of this was the sale of a MS67 graded 1959 Washington Quarter. It managed to draw a commanding price of $17,250 at the Heritage Auctions’ event, the 2012 April 18-22 US Coins & Platinum Night CSNS Signature Auction in Schaumburg. This is a testament to the strong market for top-grade Washington Quarters and shows how collectors are ready to pay premiums for these well-preserved pieces.

12. 1971-D Washington Quarter – $4,560

The 1971-D Washington Quarter, minted in Denver, is quite common, with the Mint producing over 250 million coins. This quarter can still be found in circulation, with most existing in MS63 condition and lower. In MS64-MS65 conditions, these coins are very common but likely have been set aside or pulled from circulation. However, examples in MS66 condition are scarce, likely originating from rolls or mint sets. As for the MS67 condition, these are quite rare, with a few hundred likely in existence. In MS68, they are extremely rare, with less than a handful known and none in finer condition. In fact, one coin in MS68 condition was auctioned for $4,560 in 2019, attesting to its rarity and value.

The Significance of the Washington Quarters

In the realm of modern quarters, the Washington quarters are a focal point. First minted in 1932, these coins showcase a profile of America’s first president, George Washington. They have become a staple in any quarter collection, with certain rare variants fetching substantial prices.

The Silver Composition of Modern Quarters

While most modern quarters are made of a copper-nickel mix, some, particularly those minted before 1965, have a composition of 90% silver. This silver composition boosts a coin’s intrinsic value and can be particularly appealing to both collectors and investors.

Additional Tips for Finding Valuable Modern Quarters

  1. Scarcity Quarters minted in smaller quantities, such as those from the San Francisco Mint, can hold higher value due to their rarity.
  2. Errors Quarters with errors like doubled dies or off-center strikes can be worth significantly more. These errors make the coins unique and intriguing to collectors.
  3. High Grades Quarters graded MS66, MS70, or similarly high grades can carry a premium. The better the condition, the higher the potential value.

Armed with these insights, any coin collector or enthusiast can deepen their understanding of modern quarters and, with a bit of research, potentially uncover valuable coins that enrich their collection or offer profitable returns.


In conclusion, the realm of coin collecting is truly fascinating, teeming with hidden treasures that transform everyday quarters into extraordinary finds. These twelve Washington quarters encapsulate a world of historical narratives, craftsmanship, and rarity that translate into immense value.

Remember, the most expensive quarter isn’t always the oldest or the rarest—it’s often the one in the best condition. As we’ve seen, a seemingly common quarter can skyrocket in value if it’s well preserved or exhibits an unusual characteristic. So, before you spend that change, take a moment to examine it—you might be holding a piece of numismatic gold!

Now that you’re familiar with the most expensive Washington quarters, why not explore the world of coin collecting a bit more? Who knows, you might even discover a passion for numismatics and become an avid collector yourself. And when you are ready, you might want to sell coins for cash and enjoy the monetary benefits of your findings. In the grand treasure hunt that is coin collecting, every pocket and piggy bank holds potential. Happy hunting!

What newer quarters are worth more money?

While most newer quarters from the 21st century are common and not worth more than face value, there are a few exceptions. For instance, the State Quarters series, running from 1999 to 2008, includes some valuable quarters if they’re in high-grade mint condition or if they have errors. The 2004-D Wisconsin Extra Leaf High quarter, for instance, can fetch a significant premium. Also, the 2020-W V75 America the Beautiful Quarters minted to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II are considered quite valuable, especially in high grade condition.

Are there any modern quarters worth money?

es, there are a few modern quarters that can be worth more than their face value. Besides the aforementioned State Quarters series and 2020-W V75 quarters, the America the Beautiful Quarters series (2010-present) can also be worth more, especially the five-ounce silver versions. However, remember that the condition of the coin plays a significant role in its value. Generally, the better the condition, the more the coin is worth.
It’s also worth noting that any quarter can potentially be valuable if it features a significant error, such as a double die or a missing clad layer. Always check your change carefully!

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